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Solar Panel Price List in India

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Solar Panel Price List in India

Solar Panel manufacturers in IndiaSolar energy is a promising technology that can be utilized to produce electricity in order to readily compensate for our everyday utilities. Solar panels are designed to convert the solar energy directly to electrical energy. The solar panel is supported with a battery to store excess electrical energy that can be used to provide for after sunset or on cloudy days. There is also an inverter attached to the system to convert the Direct Current (DC) produced by PV cells (Photovoltaic cells) to Alternating Current (AC) to run our household appliances.
The Solar cells (or PV cells) are made of semiconductor, p and n type silicon and when light falls on the surface of this semi conductor, the valance electrons gets excited to the conduction band and hence produces a potential difference ( or EMF) between the two metal contacts of its top and bottom surfaces. This is how solar energy is used to produce electrical energy. Using solar technology to support our everyday electricity needs is a widely discussed topic. The Solar panels can be used particularly in remote or suburban areas where there is ample sunlight but however lacks an electricity grid. Its application can also be extended to include powering residential and commercial areas thereby reducing the toll on non renewable energy resources. The biggest advantage of solar technology is that we are not going to be depleted of its resources for it being a renewable energy source but however there are certain drawbacks to the system. This is however not the concern of our article so we would now focus on the different manufacturers and their corresponding prices in India.

Solar Panel Manufacturers in India

There are 98 domestic solar panel manufacturing companies in India of which TATA BP Solar (India) Ltd. has managed to get a competitive edge over the other leading companies. This includes Websol energy systems Ltd, followed by Emmvee Solar systems Ltd, XL Energy Limited, Titan Energy systems Ltd, Photon Energy systems Ltd and many more to follow.

The solar panel price list in India depends on its watts (power) generated. Tentatively the cost of solar cell ranges from Rs.40 to Rs.60 for every watt generated.We would however focus on some of these leading Solar Solution companies in India and focus on their product specifications and their price range.

TATA BP Solar (India) Ltd.: This Company is a joint venture between TATA Power Company and BP Solar. TATA BP Solar (India) Ltd is one of the leading Solar Technology providing companies in India. The company’s motto includes providing high quality, innovative solar solutions in order to cater to their customer needs. Their client domain ranges from individual households to commercial organizations. It specializes in providing customized solar products starting from solar photovoltaic cells (PV cells) to other solar thermal products for its clients that include households to large communities.

The company’s leading standard modules include: TP 250 series, TP 300 Series and TS 250 series. TP 250 series is a 60 cell multi crystalline solar PV module. Its features include reliability against extreme weather conditions, which is certified to withstand snow load of up to 5400Pa and its product warranty of 10 years on materials and 25 years on power output. The 60 cell multi crystalline PV module can produce around 240-260 Watt.TP 300 series is a 72 cell multi crystalline solar PV module. It shares almost the same features as TP250 series but can generate higher power output from 280 to 305 Watt. It has 25 modules in every pallet and weighs around 630kg.
It innovative products under Power Packs include TATA Solar Dynamo and TATA Solar Sunjeevini. TATA Solar Dynamo is a household solar power generator with a output power rated 300-1000VA. This will help to reduce the utility bill by approximately Rs. 27000 per annum and comes with a one year warranty.

TATA BP Solar (India) Ltd. is definitely a reliable name in solar technology when it comes to Indian customer choice. It has definitely reputation amongst its client through delivering excellence in production. It is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified module manufacturing facility. It has an in house module production capacity of 200MW and cell manufacturing lines with a capacity of 180MW.

EMMVEE Solar Systems Ltd: EMMVEE Solar Systems Ltd is another pioneer in the manufacturing of PV modules. It has been in operation since 1992 and it specializes in producing both stand alone and roof top applications. The company’s off grid PV module includes ES 10-20 P36. It has 36 polycrystalline solar cells and can generate a voltage of maximum 600V. Its efficiency is 11%. It however has a product warranty of only 5 years and provides a performance warranty of ten years. Its other PV modules include ES 25-30 P36 module with more or less the same features but provides a higher efficiency of 12%.

There are other Solar Solution providing companies in India that has succeeded in building its market share through product innovation and excellence in service. However we were not able all the other companies but each company through its product delivery strives on reducing the carbon footprint in the globe. Hope each one of us works towards doing the same for our society.

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