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Solar Water Heater

solar-water-heater-for-industryEach year most of us spend large percentage of the gas in heating water and thereby wasting money as well as polluting nature quite a lot. However, using a solar water heater can be a great way to save some money and help the environment in the long run. The solar water heaters use the sun’s energy to heat the water, which can be used for residential purposes and you can eventually reduce the energy costs. While having solar water heaters by your side, you can expect around a reduction of 30 to 40% (depending on the efficiency of the model and the amount of energy you use) on your electric bill.

Solar Water Heaters uses the sun’s radiation to heat the water and will be used for domestic as well as for industrial purposes. The water is heated by solar radiation and circulated inside the glass tubes. Solar water heater has two main components, one is the solar collector and other is the tank to store the water.

There are three distinct commonly used solar water heater are available in the market such as – Flat Plate, Evacuated Tube and Batch Collectors.

The evacuvated tube collector(ETC) has a certain number of Vacuum glass tubes, aligned in a row. The ETC systems are more efficient than the flat plate collector systems. The solar water heating system can be eigther active or passive. In passive system, pumping is not required as the hot water is circulated and raised naturally and stored in the water collector through the thermosiphon principle. In active system, a pump is used to move the water from the collector to the storage tank.

Power Saving GUIDE:
A 100 Litre Solar Water Heater equals 4 nos of – 25 Litre Electrial Water Heaters.
For Example, Solar Water Heater usage for 300 days in a year will be:
Energy consumed per day = 3 units. 3 x 30 days = 90 units per month. So, 900 units for 300 days in one year. If tariff rates are calculated at Rs 5 / KWH.
Then money saved in a year will be Rs 4500/-.