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Can you run Air Conditioner (AC) using the power from solar panels?

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At present, most of the people would like to install the air conditioning systems at their home especially during the summer season as the weather condition will be too worse. The AC has become very common appliance at the offices, homes, schools and all other commercial places. In some of the hospitals and theatres, the air conditioners are being used 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in order to obtain the cooling environment.

Solar panels for air conditioners:

Solar panels or systems are another popular choice of technology used by many residential and commercial building owners to get the power from the solar energy. By this way, they can able to reduce their electricity bill. If anyone using the air conditioner a lot at their home or office, they will get the higher power bills because it is the high wattage electrical appliance. In order to reduce the energy bills due to the extensive use of the air conditioners, it is highly very important to make use of the solar panels to get the power for their ACs.

The thought of installing the solar panels to run the air conditioners would always be a right idea for everyone. Many people have doubt that is there possible to install the solar panels to run the air conditioners. It is absolutely possible to do it and you can able to save more real money. Generally, there are two different types of the solar systems available such as on-grid and off-grid solar systems. First of all, you should need to get the complete details about these two different solar systems and find which is the best choice for your air conditioning system.

Different solar systems for ACs:

  • When it comes to the off grid solar system, it usually comprises of the inverters, solar panels and also the batteries. This particular system is highly capable of independently running without the necessary grid support.
  • But the on grid solar system has the inverter and solar panels along with the appliances which will not run when there is no power supply. In this condition, you should need to make sure to install the higher kVA inverters for handling the highest loads.
  • At the same time, you should also need to install more amounts of the kW of the solar panels if you are using the AC for several hours.
  • Air conditioning systems can able to run on both these solar panel systems.

On the other hand, the off grid solar system will probably support the running of the air conditioners even without the electricity. It is only the major difference between these two varying options of the solar panels. While installing these solar panels on the top of the roof and any other place, you should need to get the government approval. For this purpose of solar panel installation, you should need at least 100 square feet in your space for every kilowatt of installation.