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Solar Street Lights










Solar Street Lights can be used to illuminate your home and surrounding areas and at the same time saving the natural resources. These lighting system not only save electricity but also helps us in reducing pollution as well as emitting less amount of heat when compared to conventional lighting sources like bulbs. The solar street lights are not connected to power grids and will be more useful in remote areas where electricity is no available. The solar street lights are designed with a battery backup in order to operate for 12 hrs or 24 hrs atonomy depending on the customer requirements. The system has a dusk to dawn feature which will automatically switch ON and switch OFF and prevents overcharge and deep discharge of the battery.

Solar street lights are perfect lighting choice for illuminating Streets, Gardens, Parks, Lawns, Walkways in Apartments, Inside Factory Roads, Parking Areas etc…

Advantages of solar streets lights:
Solar Street Lights are very useful in remote areas where there is no utility grid or inconsistent power supply.
Easy installation, longer life and pollution free.
Low maintainance when compared to the regular conventional street lights.
Time sensor which automatically switch on and off. 1/2/3 days power backup autonomy – designed as per the requirements. – See more at:

Solar Street Lights Price Details:

Solar Module Battery Lumens Hrs Autonomy Pole Price
25 w 26 AH 9 w Led 12 hrs 1 Day 10 Feet – 2″ 15,000 /-
40 w 35 AH 12 w Led 12 hrs 1 Day 10 Feet – 2″ 21,000 /-
50 w 75 AH 20 w Led 12 hrs 1 Day 10 Feet – 2″ 28,500 /-







Outdoor Solar Garden lights are also available without pole which can be easily mounted in the wall.