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Solar Inverter Price in India

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The novel technology of Solar Panel has allowed us to reduce the toll on non renewable energy sources. Solar energy being a renewable energy source is a prime choice of most Indians and it is not surprising that its dependence has been accelerating over the years not just in India but also across the globe. A solar inverter is an integral part of the solar panel and it is crucial for the operation of our household appliances. The Solar inverter converts the Direct current (DC) output from the solar panel to Alternating Current (AC) which is needed for the operation of all electrical appliances. Hence, without an inverter the solar energy cannot be utilized for our convenience.

The solar inerter can be broadly categorized into two types based on its application. One includes the Stand alone solar inverter and the other is the Grid tied Solar Inverter. The name itself explains the function of each type of inverter. The Stand alone Inverter is used to supply individual needs in contrast to the Grid Tied Solar inverter that is connected to the utility grid. The Grid Tied Solar Inverter is used in Solar Power Plants in order to supply Alternating Current (AC) to the utility grid. Since the Grid Tied solar inverter is used for industrial purposes it relatively priced higher than the Stand Alone Inverter that is used for residential purposes.

There are different domestic solar inverter manufacturers in India to include the following:

Su Kam, Luminous, Hykon India, Microtek and many more.

Su Kam Solar Inverter: Su Kam is an Indian Power Solution Providing Company. Su Kam particularly deals with power pack up and solar products with the motto of providing energy efficient and environmental friendly products. The Solar inverter price of Su Kam ranges from as low as Rs. 3757 to as high as Rs.11, 877 or even higher depending on its specification. The price depends on the various product specification particularly power output, voltage, technology and its waveform. There are several Su Kam inverters available in the market with different specification and price range. However I managed to compile a few of those specifications and its corresponding price range for your review.  Su Kam Mak 650VA inverter with a power output of 650VA but voltage output of 12V will have a tentative price of Rs.3757 but a Su Kam Mak 2KVA inverter with a power output of 2000VA and voltage output of 48V will have a tentative price of Rs.11, 877. These are particularly suitable for residential applications. There is also Su KamCL33 65KVA Inverter with a rated power output of 65KVA and uses DSP based PWM technology and produce a pure sine wave.

Luminous Solar Inverter: Luminous is another Power Solution company in India with the tag line of “Jis pe desh kare Bharosa” . Luminous is a leading company in providing solar application products. Luminous inverters have the added advantage of running both AC and DC loads. Its power output is available in the option of 850VA and 1400VA.These power output is suitable for residential applications. Luminous Zelio 900VA has a tentative price of Rs.6340 with a power output of 900VA.On the other hand Luminous ECO Volt 1500VA has  a tentative price of around Rs 7600 with a power output of 1500VA.Also available in the market is Luminous ION 500VA with a tentative price of Rs. 4000.

Microtek Inverter: Microtek Inverter is another domestic Energy solution company in India. Microtek-technology we live has an impressive profile with its achievements includes the Power Brands Award in 2010-2011 and also SD’s No-1 award in 2010.It has won EFY Award for 5 years thereby giving it a competitive edge over the consumers. A Microtek UPS SEBz-600VA Inverter will set you back tentatively Rs.6490 whereas a Microtek UPS SEBz-1500VA with two battery system will cost tentativelyRs.9790. However there is also Microtek Soho SW Sine wave 3KVA Inverter with a power output of 3000VA and output voltage of 48V and is a micro controller based design will cost tentatively Rs.22990.Microtek Soho (Hi End) 8KVA Inverter with a power output of 8000VA and an output voltage of 144V but uses a modified PWM technology will cost tentatively Rs.62990. If the voltage and power requirement is even higher then Microtek Soho (Hi End) 10KVA inverter could be an ideal choice with a power output of 10KVA and voltage output of 192V and uses modified PWM technology will cost tentatively Rs.86990.


So, these were a few of the domestic companies in India that trades in Solar Inverters. The price is dependent on its specification and which eventually relies on the user requirement. Hope you find these information relative the next time you shop for a solar inverter.

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