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Solar battery price in India

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If  you are one of the few families residing in India that have convinced yourself that it is time to work towards building a greener tomorrow for the next generation , then it is absolutely the right time to switch to the promising new technology of Solar energy. The novel technology is a perfect substitute to your regular reliance on the non renewable energy resources but however promises a more sustainable energy source.

Now the solar battery is an integral part of this system as it helps to provide for the power at night and even on cloudy days. So you guys can easily realize that without the solar battery the system is incomplete and hence it is important to draw attention to its price before we make the purchase.

Solar batteries are usually of four basic types and they differ in the following ways:

RV: RV type solar batteries are suitable for very small systems. They do not have the capacity for continuous service because of its discharge cycle.

Flooded type: They are used for industrial applications and can withstand many deep discharge cycles. They have higher life cycle and are comparatively cost effective than the former. The only problem with this type of battery is that it releases gas when charged and hence it is not suitable for indoor application.

Gel: Sealed gel batteries are also used for industrial application. It has the advantage over the former flooded type batteries because unlike flooded batteries, sealed gel batteries do not release any gas during the charging process. Hence it can be easily used for indoor application without any extra cost of building a ventilation system.

AGM: AGM like the former three are used for industrial application. AGM does not release any gases during its charging cycle. There are added advantages to this choice because it provides better voltage stability, have a slower self discharge time and hence lasts longer. They are also spill proof and hence these types of batteries have a premium price for these specifications.

The energy stored in the battery depends on its load requirement and the insulation pattern to avoid discharge.

Unlike the solar panel that could last for over a decade or two, a solar battery would require frequent replacements within the same interval. A solar battery usually comes with a warranty of one year but can smoothly run its operation of 2 years at a stretch. This could however act as a deal breaker for most potential clients. Therefore before taking any decisions most of us would like to compare to feasibility of the switch in terms of its cost effectiveness.

A solar battery price can range from anywhere between Rs 4100 to Rs.15600 tentatively depending on the product features and specifications. A 12V, 40Ah battery will cost only Rs.4100 whereas a 12V, 150Ah solar battery will cost approximately Rs.15600. Hence it can be deliberated higher the life span of the battery which is evaluated against Ah (Ampere hour) higher will be the cost.

There are many solar technology companies in India that are working towards innovation in solar products. Among its product line includes the solar battery which as we had discussed is an integral part of the solar system to provide a reliable and convenient energy technology.

OKAYA: The Company with the tag line of “Chalti Rahe Yeh Zindagi” specializes in production of solar batteries. The product range of solar batteries extends from 12V 40Ah battery life to 150Ah battery life. The special features of the product include high Ampere hour and Watt-hour efficiency, low self discharge rate and less susceptibility to corrosion.

Aditi Solar Pvt. Ltd: Another pioneer in the solar industry is Aditi solar Pvt. Ltd. It is a manufacturing company that produces solar energy products for everyday use. Its solar battery products include 12V but battery life can range from 40Ah to 75 Ah tubular LMLA/gel VRLA. These specifications make it a reliable choice because a 75Ah battery life is reasonable and the gel battery type makes it suitable for industrial application.

Su Kam Solar: The Company’s solar batteries are used in adjacent to the Su Kam Solar Systems. It has a long lasting durability and can sustain extreme weather conditions making it suitable for industrial application. The battery of Su Kam solar is designed keeping its operating life highest to ensure greater efficiency. Hence they engineer their battery keeping the following factors of duty cycle, discharge cycle and operating temperature into consideration.


These Solar Industries in India share a common vision that is to develop a sustainable energy source for the future generation of our world.

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