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Solar Street Light Price in India

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solar street light price in indiaWith solar air conditioner and solar water heater dominating the Indian market, solar street light is just another addition to the list of inventions. We realize that street lights are an integral part of our night life. Imagine the dangers of walking through a secluded street with not even a scintilla to aid your eye. There is no debate that street lights are crucial at night life but the question is the electricity consumed by these standing poles of giant street lights. There are over hundreds of street lights at every corner of the city and imagine the power consumed to power the entire country 12 hours at night and 365 days a year. A suitable alternative can be the solar street light.

The solar street light utilizes the photovoltaic (PV) panels to power the street lights. The PV cells can generate electricity during the day and can be stored into a rechargeable battery to power the street lamps at night. This is a reliable system as the street lamps can operate even on cloudy days through its battery. However in India where the sun is always readily available such complaints are hard to imagine.

The components of a solar panel include the obvious solar panel/PV cells, a rechargeable battery, poles and the light source. There can be an additional controller as part of the system to control the charging and the switching of light.

The PV panel is the core component of the system . PV cells is a semiconductor device that converts sunlight into electrical energy. Its function is similar to the other PV cells discussed in the previous articles. It is a reliable product with its warranty over a decade. Second to the list is the rechargeable battery, this as we have discussed earlier stores the electrical energy to chemical energy and provides us back with the stored energy to power the street lamps at night. Third, to the list is the light fixture which is the source of light.  LED light source are more convenient as it consumes 50% less energy and is more efficient as it does not generate as much heat energy as the conventional system. The pole is there to provide mechanical support to the system as therefore its construction has to be strong to support the heavy weight of the solar panel and the battery. Solar street lamps hence should be the ultimate choice in India for its low maintenance and operation cost.

Below are few solar Street Light Manufactures and the solar street light price in india

TATA Power Solar: A reliable name in India is the TATA Power Solar. The company has built its reputation over the years through excellence in product delivery. The company has been in operation for 25 years and its tag line includes: “Enabling Power anywhere”. Apart from solar products the company also specializes on solar lighting for both street lights and to power individual households.

Titan Energy Systems LTD: Another trusted name in the solar industry is TITAN Energy Systems Ltd. The company specializes in producing high quality solar PV (photovoltaic module) that can be used as part of the solar street lights. Its tag line includes:”solar powering our world” and is a certified body in production of PV modules by various regulatory authorities.

Ultramind Technologies (India) Pvt.LTD: The Company deals with various solar products to include solar inverter to solar street light. The solar street light system consists of a SPV module, Luminaire, battery and a Battery box. All these components are weather proof and are therefore reliable for street applications. Their light equivalent is 22W.Their product benefit includes: no operation cost, PV module with a life expectancy over 25 years, environmental friendly, uses LED light , battery backup cloudy days and no risk of electric shock for passerby because the circuit consists of a  12V circuit. The Solar panel and the pole come with a durability of 25 years and the battery comes with a warranty of one year.

The price is determinant on the LED luminary, battery, panel and the pole height. An LED luminary of 12W with a battery life of 40 AH (ampere hour) and PV panel of 40W will cost as low as tentatively Rs.21500 for a pole height of 17.5 feet. On the other hand an improved LED luminary and higher rated PV cell will have a higher cost. An LED luminary of 20W with a battery life of 75 AH (ampere hour) and PV panel of 75W will cost as high as tentatively Rs.29000 for a pole height of 17.5 feet.

There are many other companies in India that deal with similar Solar Street lamp products in India. Together they are progressing towards a greener India and we should all make an effort to join their venture.

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